Portage, Michigan

Founded in 2009, Plarium is a global company headquartered in Israel. With studios in the United States, Israel, Russia and Ukraine, they are a leading developer and publisher of online games. The Plarium Michigan Studio was established in early 2015, specializing in the art and science of game design. SKP Design worked with them on their first office space, which they quickly outgrew. Plarium contacted us again to help with their expansion, a new office on the second floor of the same building.


More space and additional employees provided opportunities to customize each area. The company needs areas for individual work and also for extreme collaboration, depending on which part of the gaming process they are working on. The result is a flexible and fun work environment that accommodates multiple types of work from team meetings to individual focus work.


Demountable glass walls from Nxtwall create a conference room that offers acoustic privacy. Large sliding glass doors open the space for bigger meetings and allow visibility to everyone throughout the office. Flooring was designed with hexagon carpet tile, utilizing color gradation to create zones in the office. The hexagon motif was carried on to the the glass of the conference room walls and continues with the hexagon backsplash tile in the custom kitchen area.

Photography: Casey Spring

SKP Design

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