• Sondra Phillips

Floorplan and String Lights

The design process for our Thrifty Kitty is well under way! We are starting to lay out where all of the furniture will go - two twin beds, a small table with chairs and side table to hold a microwave. Thinking about lighting is also essential to design, for you can’t even see color without light! Locating the skylight and thinking about additional lighting for this tiny space is critical. Light can also be a design feature. We plan to give this camper a little sparkle with some string lights.

#skpdesign #camper #camperdesign #vintagecamper #thriftykitty #interiordesign

#skpdesign #vintagecamper #camperdesign #thriftykitty #interiordesign #floorplan #lighting #stringlights #furniturelayout


SKP Design

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