Spartan Imperial Mansion


Kalamazoo, Michigan

SKP Design has completed a frame up renovation of a 1956 Spartan Imperial Mansion. We combined historic elements, modern elements and industrial touches to reimagine this vintage camper which is now the showroom for our new line of business called Ready To Roll.

You'll see a spectrum of materials, from high end Lumicor translucent door panels to curtains from Walmart. We invested in commercial LVT wood plank flooring which needs to perform and last 20+ years but saved on decor items that we might want to change in a few years. Other materials include a corrugated galvanized ceiling, stained wall paneling, and a contemporary spacious IKEA kitchen. Vintage finds include an orange chenille bedspread from the Netherlands, an antique typewriter cart from Katydid's in South Haven, a 1950's Westinghouse refrigerator and the original Spartan serial number tag displayed on the wall inside. 

This 42' camper feels extremely spacious at 315 square feet - smaller than most "tiny homes" which range from 400-600 square feet. Although it was completely gutted, we kept the original layout which includes a kitchen, rear bedroom with queen size bed, full bathroom, and living/dining area with a huge observation window.
There are 2 doors – one into the bedroom and one into the living space. The challenge was to make the most of the small space and create an efficient environment.  


Upgrades include a new heating and cooling unit, new electrical, new plumbing, and selectively replaced sub-floor. Additional work included window replacement and repair and hundreds of hours of exterior polishing! Portions of the original birch paneling remain, including an elaborate closet and dresser system in the bedroom. The lighting and furnishings are retro in style.

Photography: Casey Spring

Screenshot of the Vicksburg Car Show video when the Spartan Imperial Mansion was featured

SKP Design

8240 Stadium Drive, Kalamazoo, MI 49009


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