Casa Bolero


Kalamazoo, Michigan

Casa Bolero’s goal was to create a Mexican restaurant concept unlike any other in the downtown Kalamazoo area. SKP Design transformed the vacant space into a new restaurant with an energetic and welcoming atmosphere. The existing structure lent itself to divide the space into three areas: bar, dining room and private dining area.


The bar features a dynamic graphic mural of a Mexican city hillside adorned with colorful house facades. The bar top, made of recycled glass in a resin material adds light and energy to the room.


The theme is enhanced through a contrast of rustic, aged and sleek, modern elements. Branch canopies highlight various seating areas, while bold lighting, exposed brick and graphic wallcovering in gold and jewel tones add warmth to the overall space. Wrought iron detailing was added to the interior door and window openings to add an element of authenticity.

Booth seating
Dining Room

SKP Design

8240 Stadium Drive, Kalamazoo, MI 49009

400 136th Street, Suite 520, Holland, MI 49424


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