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Holland Home
Ray's Bistro & Raybrook Chapel


Ray's Bistro

Raybrook Chapel


Grand Rapids, MI



Holland Home brings a devoted commitment to excellence and Christ-like care to every person they serve.  From their comfortable independent living communities to their full continuum of services, their promise is to do all they can do to help those in their care live vibrantly.  The projects featured here are in Raybrook Manor, which offers one and two-bedroom apartments.  The building connects to other buildings with various levels of care.

Throughout 2022, we teamed with Holland Home to design several new spaces in Raybrook Manor.  One is Ray's Bistro - a walk-up counter casual dining space.  It is designed for residents and Holland Home team members to enjoy a meal.  The other is the updating of the Raybrook Chapel.  


Ray's bistro offers a coffee and lounge area, as well as a variety of seating areas.  Residents can even play pool in the space while they enjoy the company of friends.  The space was re-imagined to be lighter and brighter, as it is a lower level space.  

The Chapel received new flooring, new wall finishes, and a remodeled Narthex featuring new furniture.


Architect: Post Associates

Furniture:  Kentwood Office Furniture

Photography: Casey Spring

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