First National Bank of Michigan Headquarters


Kalamazoo, Michigan

Founded in 2006, First National Bank of Michigan is Kalamazoo’s newest local bank. The corporate headquarters and branch bank are located in downtown Kalamazoo. The target clientele includes progressive entrepreneurs and local business.


SKP Design was given the opportunity to create the flagship image for the bank. The original concept included this statement: ‘First National Bank of Michigan; An old name with a fresh approach to banking’. The overall design represents a union between tradition and innovation. Technology is integrated throughout the bank providing ease of use for staff and clients. Flexible meeting spaces in the lobby include a coffee bar and lounge seating areas. A combination of warm wood tones and industrial metallic finishes create a unique environment.

Entry Design for First National Bank
Lobby Design Services
Teller Line

SKP Design

8240 Stadium Drive, Kalamazoo, MI 49009

400 136th Street, Suite 520, Holland, MI 49424


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