SKP Design works with you to determine your needs and preferences, translating those needs into conceptual design plans and/or design and construction documents. We work closely with contractors to assure your project is implemented according to the design, in a smooth and seamless process. We are a collaborative design studio with a dynamic mix of cultural diversity in our team. More unique design concepts are created from a team of interior designers


In addition to Interior Design, SKP Design works with architects to fulfill your vision. We have collaborated with Schley Nelson Architects, Slocum Architects, Abonmarche, Bishop Architectural Group, Design Evolutions, Nelson Nave and Michael Blied. We can also assist in logo and graphic design, creating custom signage, artwork consulting to locate and obtain unique pieces, relocation management and architectural consulting.


If you own a business, your office design gives your customers a first impression of your individual style and your level of professionalism. Hiring a certified interior designer will provide a more pleasant and functional space in which to work which will remain timeless in function and design.