MacKenzie's Bakery


Kalamazoo, Michigan

Mackenzie's Bakery is a family owned business with third generation bakers at the helm. The bakery opened its doors to Kalamazoo in 1980 and has expanded to three locations.


SKP Design teamed with the Mackenzie's on their logo and branding initiative to create a new versatile logo, which will impact their advertising, packaging, uniforms as well as the interior and exterior design elements. The charge was to maintain their wholesome, made-from-scratch values while adding consistency to their public appearance. The interior of the existing facility was reconfigured to allow for more visibility of product and to streamline hurried lunchtime customers while maintaining enjoyable space for morning regulars. The finishes were selected to support the new logo and current values of Mackenzie's long-time tradition in Kalamazoo.

MacKenzie's Bakery Branding
Bakery Seating Area Design
Bakery Interior

SKP Design

8240 Stadium Drive, Kalamazoo, MI 49009

400 136th Street, Suite 520, Holland, MI 49424


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