Shasta Camper


Kalamazoo, Michigan

Inspired by the Shasta reissue, Sondra decided she needed an original vintage Shasta in her collection. This one is estimated to be an early 1970's model, approximately 16-18' long. She looks forward to restoring it to its original charm. The signature Shasta wings are missing, but we plan to find replacements.

The unique layout of this camper provides a u-shaped kitchen at the front to the right. The back end is an open space for dining and conversation with a convertible couch and dinette. Both convert to beds to be used for sleeping space. 

Sometimes the most challenging part of the project is getting the camper home! Considerations include weather, camper stability, and how far is has sunk in the mud. The former owner used this camper to store boxes for fresh chicken eggs.

Shasta Camper Exterior
Where We Found the Shasta
Shasta Camper Exterior
Shasta Camper Exterior
Shasta Camper Interior
Shasta Camper Exterior
Shasta Camper Interior

SKP Design

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