How do I achieve good acoustics in my space?

There are many ways to reduce the noise transmission in a dining and bar setting.

  1. Flooring – choosing carpet or carpet tile will help absorb sound. While concrete stained floors are popular and virtually maintenance free, they do not offer sound absorption.

  2. Ceiling – choosing acoustical ceiling tile for the entire restaurant or designing ceiling “clouds” will help immensely. Ceiling tiles can be painted a medium or dark color so that they will “disappear” and not be a feature that calls attention to itself.

  3. Acoustical panels – acoustical wall panels can be placed on walls, bulkheads, or suspended from ceilings. They can be covered with a fabric with graphics to be a feature, or can have fabric to match the wall or ceiling color to disappear.

  4. Glass – while having large glass windows is sometimes appealing, glass reflects sound and does not absorb it. If there are large expanses of glass in your space, consider a window treatment to help absorb sound.

  5. Space Design - change in wall planes and addition of bulkheads will deflect sound. A big open “square box” shaped space needs to be softened to achieve good acoustics.

  6. Furniture – furniture with fabrics can absorb sound, and using booths with divider panels can also help achieve privacy.

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