Camper interior Selection #1 - upholstery vinyl

My camper has a cute yellow stripe on the outside - and from what I can tell the original floor vinyl had a yellow and white pattern in it. So....... I decided that yellow would be a logical accent color for the interior. I chose a vinyl (instead of fabric) for the seat cushions (for cleanability)- for both the dinette and bunk area. My upholsterer said that most of the vinyl they work with is 28 oz. material - and that thicker vinyl would not work with their machines. The commercial vinyl that I selected has a small dot pattern as you can see - to provide a little interest and variety. My design library has lots of unique vinyls in it to choose from - and the patterns seemed more sophisticated that the ones that I saw online at many of the online camper cushion resources. So I ordered my own material and had it sent directly from the manufacturer to my upholsterer. The new cushions should be ready in 3 weeks! FYI commercial vinyl is sold in 54" wide goods. Stay tuned for more selections!

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